Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Lawn Day

A nice ending to a wonderful weekend. I spent three days mowing the lawns --- aka the manor. I only ran out of gas three times and had to be pulled out of the "ponds" twice. Good thing James was around with the truck. Can't believe how wet it is in the fields.

Odors anyone

I decided to make my own natural deodorant - again. Back in the early 70's we used just plain baking soda but I received complains from certain family members - to gritty etc etc. So we switched back to commercial ones for a few decades. Now, being a little more concerned with what gets put on my skin, after all it is our largest organ, I am back to making my own. This time it's a little more upscale.
Thanks to my soap making I have all the ingredients needed. It's just a matter of "doing it".

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup cornstarch or arrow root powder

Melt in a glass measuring cup 1/4 cup coconut oil - I prefer the 92 degree one.

Add to coconut oil essential oils of your preference.
I used rosemary, lavender, and orange. a few drops of each.

Now add your dry ingredients to the melted oil. Mix well.

Containers: You can use an empty twist up deodorant container. I use a small cosmetic container and apply with my fingers. The reason I like the container with a screw on top is because I don't need to keep it refrigerated during the warm weather. With the twist up container you would need to keep it cold because the coconut oil will soften at either 76 or 92 degrees, depending on which one you used.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Utica - Adult Learning Center

You would think because I grew up in North Utica and work in the city of Utica I would know a lot about this small but great city. Well, tonight I came across this web page while looking for images of Utica Parks.

Utica - Adult Learning Center popped up and I was pleasantly surprised to see many of my friends from clinic. I have to tell you that I am proud to say I live in a city that so warmly embraces our growing population of refugees. If you have never had a chance to meet and chat with recent arrivals who make this city their home you have missed a lot.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

These are the hands

These are the hands that taught my daughter how to make a vest without a pattern. But this wonderful and giving women gave the young ladies she taught so much more.

I will always remember the first time we went to her house. She had this gorgeous little city garden behind her house. There was a tall utility pole and she would adorn it with handmade bird houses. What a shock it was to see Kati's bird house amidst them. She made it as part of JK lumber company project and then JK sold the houses after for a charity. We knew Kate was meant to be there and she learned so much from Marcella.

See more of Marcella's creations here

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I remember Anna

I have been drawn to Alaska's mystic since I was in grade school, I've followed the Iditarod since it's beginnings cheering on such racers as Libby Riddles, Susan Butcher and Dee Dee Jonroe and I have the blessing to have owned my own Husky. Her name was Anna and she was by far my favorite. Loyal and faithful she would know just what I was saying. She would sleep in a chair next to my bed every night EXCEPT those nights we were having thunder storms. Then she would get as close to me as she could get. My woodchuck killing speedy dog was terrified of these storms.
The Last Great Race

I live in New York Stete and will probably never visit Alaska but I dream.
Just looking at a Husky you can tell that behind those eyes is a whole lotta smarts.

and when there is a prediction of northern lights you will find me outside searching the sky for their splendor.