Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KY means travel means ..... IKEA

Back in the summer of 2008, we discovered IKEA.  OH MY. 
The one we visit is in West Chester, Ohio (Cincinnati area)
I suppose it would be better for my budget if we had not visited that first time.
This trip we stopped on the way down - Tyler had a ball checking out and
 even climbing under the covers of all the beds.  
In the kids area he spied a wooden train set an insisted that he didn't have on like that - 
he of course did, but you can never have to many train sets.  
Funny thing is, when I got to his house he was right - 
This set have a different smoke stake - how the heck did he know that!!!

After getting some goodies we left, 3 hours later for LaGrange and mommy. 

BUT, we returned five days later. NOW it was my turn. 

Our first stop was for a shared lunch of salad, swedish meatballs, 
clam chowder soup and apple goodness.  And BTW - that is coffee and 
not chocolate milk. They ran out of cups. 

My dream house design. 
382 square feet and a cabinet for everything and a hose down bathroom. 

I feel in love with this layout.  Of course, I know I can't have it but
Ikea is for dreaming right. 

 Kitchen with bed and desk behind.

Kitchen from the sleeping area. 

 Across from sofa.

Cool isn't it.