Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vacations over - Now back to work

It is funny in the craft show world.  You can carry a product for a year with only selling 
one or two and then you hit that one special show and you sell a dozen in an afternoon.   

The Clinton Show was one of those shows.  Sold out of my "body buddies" so had to get
 to work making more.  Over the years there have been so many people making these
 but I think have come upon the perfect blend of fabric, sewing and filling. 

I use flannel because of it's coziness.
I sew three chambers in them because it lies better around your neck.
I only use flax seeds because they have better heating properties but mostly because I love the way they smell when warmed AND they don't get a nasty food smell if over heated.

Tonight - I cut out 2 dozen buddies and started the sewing while catching up on some Hart of Dixie and Parenthood.  That used up my stash of flannel.  Gee, how sad cause now I'll have to go buy some more, said a sewer never.

Oh, and why not come out for the next "best show of the year" on Thanksgiving weekend - The Indie Garage Sale at MVCC.  Hope to see you there.