Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rainbow Riding Stables

My dad was an avid horseman.  Unfortunately for me, the horse had to go before I came along in 1952.  Black Pete was a beautiful black Morgan and was my father's pride and joy.  After my parents married in 1946 and built a house in North Utica, Pete had a home in the back yard in a barn also built by my dad.  But eventually, zoning came into effect and horses weren't on the "allowed" list.
Black Pete took my father on many adventures.


Rainbow Riding Stable, Fourth Lake at Beckers was owned and operated by J. Kenyon and R. Heinrich.  They offered Well-mannered Horses for $1.50 an hour.  Located on Old Becker's Road it was just a walk, or ride, across Route 28 where you could enter the trails that lead to Bub and Sis Lake and then on to Moss Lake. 

I didn't learn about most of them until I was cleaning out their house after my mom past away.