Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Weekend

I haven't had a weekend like this in - wow - a very long time. Douglas is still in Kentucky with Tyler but they hope to start for NY after Kati's dr. appointment. AND Hopefully, Kate will be able to ride up with them. So this weekend I spent "playing". I worked on an order for VISTA Print yesterday, made a couple hats and watched some John Wayne movies. Today, after cleaning the bedroom, ironing and mending, washing clothes I settled in to do some more knitting.

Here is a group of men who are knitting socks using a sock making machine. I particularly like this photo because it was my father who taught my mother how to knit.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This Mom - my today hero!!

Today I heard a story about a mom that just blessed me. Her son was born just last week and she was going to breastfeed him, but apparently the nursing staff thought other wise as they told her that he was losing weight and she needed to give him a bottle. This was a one day old baby!!!! This Mother told the nurses to "just leave him in my room, he will nurse when he needs to and will do just fine". I can almost hear her heavily accented Russian speech as she tells those nurses - "Go, Go, I know what I must do. He will be just fine, now Go". She was not to be bullied by the medical world who think they know best for babies.
Today, this mom is my hero. Add Image

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011

As I look back on 2010, I realize how much I have to be thankful for. I have a terrific family, a job I love, a church family that loves me, and I got to see my grandson Tyler every day for 9 months. I have also grown in my walk with Jesus. In fact, every year I learn more and more about how to stay in step with HIM.

I always loved Calvin and Hobbs and 30+ years ago those could have been my words. I don't need to change, everyone else does. But all that changed starting in 1978. This year will be no exception. And this year I'll have a better plan for growth.

Christ Centered Plan - inspired by todays message
by Rev. T.G. Burgess January 2, 2011

As we start into the new year, we need a plan,
a plan centered in Christ, based on the Bible....

1. What will last - be realistic and make plans you can keep, plans that will last

2. Set goals for each area in your life and write them down.
3. Prioritize your goals - what's important should be first, right.

4. Develop an overcoming mentality - Prov 24:16, How do you view your failures and mistakes? All we need to do is look to such winners as Tom Landry, Bill Walsh or Chuck Noll, Three men who didn't quit because of early failures. Within a 15 year period these three men won a total of 9 super bowls - Landry 2, Walsh 3, Noll 4. I'm not a football fan but those sound like pretty awesome stats to me. If they didn't have an overcoming mentality - they would have given up on their teams after the first year.

5. Depend on the Holy Spirit. Is there any other way. How can we ever hope to change with the Holy Ghost Power.

6. Apply diligence with an attitude to win. What ever it is we can win if we do not give up.

And this picture will make no sense to anyone but me. I love feet, especially newborn feet. It is the image on my doula business card. After of course, a deeper walk with God, my number one priority is to grow my doula business in what ever direction God will take me and the Holy Spirit will lead.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

oops becomes a new scarf

One of the nurses at work is also a knitter and was working on a scarf but ran out of yarn. Told her I know a store in Rome, she called they had some, I picked it up, wrong lot number and really the wrong shade. SOOOO, instead of exchanging it, I fell in love with the feel of it and decided it would make a nice scarf. However, knitting is my thing and this is crochet and I've been taking way to long to finish it. Almost done.

On another note, just found a great TV show - Hot in Cleveland. Love it. James introduced me to in. For someone who is not a sit come watcher, I am enjoying this one. Love that Betty White.