Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nutrition and Exercise in Pregnancy

Today I attended a conference in Utica about Nutrition and Exercise in Pregnancy. I love going to conferences because even if I don't learn something new it gives me a boost to keep on going. We heard a speaker talk about obesity and pregnancy which was too technical for me at this time. However, we had another speaker who addressed the issue of nutrition and elevated blood sugar levels, another who spoke about eating disorders and how they relate to pregnancy and a physical therapist who talked about the best exercises for pregnant women and how excessive exercise could be detrimental. I was glad I took the day off and attended. Not to mention the delicious food - the fresh pineapple was to die for and meeting new people.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Outing

What a beautiful day for letterboxing with the ones I love. Doug, Kate, Bob, Tyler and I ventured out to Lock 7 in Niskayuna. We arrived just in time to see two boats going west on the canal. They just started to lower the water level so Bob and Tyler got to see their first lock in operation in New York. Then we struck out to find some letterboxes - wings along the Mohawk. Ha ha, I didn't think that we would be "bushwacking" with a stroller. Tyler loved the part where he got to walk through the mud because by now he is walking - stroller was left behind with grampa. It was a fun time but little guy got tired early so they went back to Utica before we did. He slept the entire way home.

Doug and I continued a bit more. Of course, I can't go anywhere with out checking out the flora. We came across American Bladdernut - very interesting seed pods and picked out first black caps. Can't wait for ours to rippen. The thrushes we starting to sing so I knew it was after 4. We decided to head back stopping at Applebees for a delicious pecan crusted chicken salad. And for dessert -- we pulled over in St. Johnsville for ice cream. Chocolate Hazelnut Chip - yes it was to die for.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I can actually feel the excitement mounting as I immerse myself into the world of birth doulas. I know, I am a slow starter but once I get down to business, I get going. I have ordered my business cards and have purchased my domain name. I am learning a whole lot about the land of web pages and thank GOD that my son knows much much more than I do. College was good for something.
I believe in being transparent so sometimes I will probably write way to much in this blog. Tonight at prayer I finally ask everyone (ok so there were 6 of us including me) to keep me and this ministry in prayer. I want it to be all that the Lord wants it to be and that means admitting that I can't do it by myself.
I have a real burden for young and unwed moms. I see quite a few at my daytime job and wonder if they will have someone there when the experience the greatest thing they will ever do.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doula Time

Attended my first meeting in Syracuse of the CNY Doula Connection. A wonderful gathering of 7 ladies, from 20 something to almost 60, who have a lot in common. I thought when I took the Doula Training before Tyler was born that I would continue to use my desire to bring positive birthing experiences to women. BUT, I didn't, until my friend Diane ask me to be a back up for her should she need one. After much prayer, I have come to the conclusion that now is the time to jump in with both feet and do what I have always dreamed of doing and what I believe God has called me to.
Since reading the book - Nurses Who Lead The Way - when I was in 5th grade I have had a vision of working with children and women. But over the years even though I thought I would pursue a career in nursing and even toured several schools for this, I ended up getting a degree in horticulture. Four children later, still dreaming of some day becoming a midwife, I came across a web page about Doulas while doing research for my daughter and her upcoming birth. That is when I realized that this is where I fit in. And so, I read and took notes and eventually attended a training weekend for doulas and felt quite prepared when the time came for my 1st grandchild to be born. I was and will tell you that until you become a grandmother, you won't get it.
There is nothing like a grand child, nothing. In fact, every grandmother should have the chance to experience the birth of their grandchild. Tyler was blessed because in addition to his dad and myself, his paternal Grandmother was there. I sometimes wonder how women ever birth by themselves. While I "played" the doula, Mimi fanned Katie for hours because she was HOT and never said a word. She was wonderful and without her support I don't know what I would have done.