Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally -

Finally, I have a scanner and can actually make it work.  OK OK so I had to call my IT guy.  
My mom grew up in New Hartford,  on a farm on Tilden Road. 
She would walk down the hill to go to a small one room schoolhouse in the '20's on Pleasant Street. 
So glad my mom was a collector. 
 While going through her belongings I came across this wonder picture 
of the children she went to school with.  
You can learn more about them at


Eleanor and Brownie

Not sure when these were taken but I'm pretty confident they were around 1938-39.  
Most likely for high school senior class.  

what I miss....

Of all the things I miss ...... it all comes down to family. My parents, my daughter, my grandson.

My dad was a gardener - he even worked for Baker's Greenhouses back in the 40's.  He had a beautiful '50's garden full of phlox, poppies, peonies, bee balm and August Lilies, like the photo here, roses and lots of flowering shrubs.  Our back yard was my haven.  My sister and I would build tents over the clothes lines, play monopoly on the huge back porch, have fun times playing hours of croquet and just lazing under a tree reading books.  I grew up in a wonderful time in a wonderful neighborhood where we could play hide and seek running around between all the houses.  We would have clam bakes and sledding parties and would get together to watch sputnik cross the sky

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

snowman in august

While visiting this summer Tyler decided to built us a snow man.  
Thought you might like to see what a summer snowman looks like. 

It all starts with a plan. 

Gathering snowballs.

Working hard.

Viola - Mr. Snowman - he kept dropping his pipe. 

a happy little boy