Thursday, September 30, 2010

it's a uterus

My latest knitting project as requested by a fellow doula - a uterus.

Materials Needed:

Knitted worsted, 2 ounces
1 set double-pointed needles, size 6
1 doll’s head or child’s ball, 3-1/2" in diameter
Rayon seam binding or ribbon, 16" length
Following are directions for knitting a "uterus". The numbers in parentheses are for the larger size.

Cast on 48 sts. Divide evenly on three needles. Join. K2, P2 until cuff measures 2 inches. First round, incr. 1 st in every 6th st – 56 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 8th (6th) round, inc. 1 st in every 7th st – 61 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 15th (11th) round, incr. 1 st in every 8th st – 72 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 22ns (16th) round, incr. 1 st in every 9th st – 80 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 29th (21st) round, incr. 1 st in every 10th st – 88 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 36th (26th) round, incr. 1 st in every 11th st – 96 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. 43rd (31st) round, incr. 1 st in every 12th st – 104 sts. K evenly for 6 (4) rounds. (For larger size, continue knitting 104 sts evenly for 5 inches.)
First needle *K 11 sts, slip K, pass, repeat from * for entire round, Next round, *K 10 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round. Next round, *K 8 sts, skip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round. Next round, *K 7 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, *K 5 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, *K 4 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, *K 3 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, *K 2 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, *K 1 sts, slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Next round, * slip, K, pass, repeat from * for entire round.
Draw yarn through remaining 8 stitches and fasten. Insert dolls head or ball. Weave seam binding or ribbon through to control opening.

First Doula Client

Right now I am in the waiting room at Bassett Hospital. Not where I expected to spend time with my first birth but things didn't go the way they were planned. Holly, who desired a VBAC with all her heart, was at 41 weeks and the baby was showing signs that she needed to be born. Holly and her husband are in the OR right now and the baby should be arriving at any time. Having had four sections myself I hope that I can offer her the encouragement and support she so desperately needs.

Here we all are: proud mom Holly and doulas Diane and Christine.
Riley Sophia Rose was born September 30, 2010 weighing a petite 6# 1 oz. and is absolutely gorgeous.
She was born at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, a wonder place to have a baby. They are developing a new birthing center that I hear is just want Mom's to be need. Large suites, spa like tubs. Well worth the trip from the Utica area.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has taken me a week to post about our farewell to Tyler. He and his family moved back to Louisville KY last Wednesday. Yes, we are all very very sad. I miss so much of his sillyness. One day we looked down the hallway to see he and his greatgrandmother playing horsey. She had an old hobby horse between her legs "galloping" down the hall with Tyler laughing and following right behind. He was getting into trains and we would spend hours on my bedroom floor playing with his Uncle's Brio train set. He especially liked the bridges and could make a wicked good train whistle imitation. Needless to say, Thomas has become his favorite bedtime ritual.
I know God knew they were leaving even if we refused to believe it. We were able to book two weeks at Nicks Lake late in the season so we could spend some great moments with Tyler and his family. It was so worth the time I took off from work even if it meant that I didn't get caught up until 4 weeks later.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Beach

Blue Skies, Gentle Breeze....we couldn't have asked for a better day. With chairs, towels, blankets, sunscreen and lots of sand digging toys we journeyed to the beach. This was really Tyler's first time and we had such fun. He is like a fish and not afraid at all.

After swimming and learning to blow bubbles in the water one little guy got tuckered out. His favorite transportation became his napping place in the sun. That let Gran do some "sit on the beach and read".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Letterboxing with Tyler

One day took us north to Raquette Lake - just had to have one of those famous cookies. Here's Tyler, just waking up and wondering what to do with this way to big peanut butter cookie. While he was deciding whether to munch down we drove back to route 28 to do some maintenance on our letterboxes. That took us to Cathedral Pines to check out Tyler's second box plant.

At Cathedral Pines is a monument with the following inscription:

This tree created by God
And old when our country was born
Fine and clean and straight-grained
Like the boy himself
Is dedicated in memory of 2nd Lt. Malcolm L. Blue
navigator of a liberator bomber with the Eighth Air Force.
Killed in action over France June 2, 1944
Few Men Have Earned So Fine A Memorial.

These trees are magnificent. Everyone should take the time to go visit this treemendous place. Here's Tyler learning to be a tree hugger and you can see just how huge they are.

I introduced Tyler to letterboxing last year. We planted one at Moss Lake, one at Cathedral Pines and this year we put one at the North Street Bridge before leaving on our Moose River adventure.

Yes, there are lots of roots and things to watch out for in the forest. Tyler learned to stay on the path but he hasn't learned to look down from time to time. Caught in the stumble.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Vacation in Old Forge

The Adirondacks hold an unique love in my heart. Having had the privilege of spending my summers growing up in the town of Ohio on a small bog lake, I learned a love and an appreciation for the mountains and nature I would not have had otherwise. So whenever I can I try to get away to the Old Forge area. I always said I would introduce my grandchildren to this magnificent place and we did just that during August. With camper in tow, topped by our canoes, we headed north two weeks ago despite the rainy weather. Hey, it had to stop sometime. We all had a wonderful and relaxing time. Uncle James (UNC to Tyler) came up on Monday and we ventured down the "mighty" Moose River. The Moose was exceptional high for this time of year thanks to that rain we had so we only grounded out once and even navigated a .5 cat rapid. We put in at the North Street Bridge about 10 am and made it back to the cars 4 hours later.

After only a few mishaps - namely finding out that matchbox cars DO NOT float and paddling over a submerged log IS NOT a very good idea if you don't know if you can clear it or not - we arrived at the Green Street Bridge ready for a nap.

Just waking up for a snooze in the canoe. Lunch break on a small sandy beach.

Sometimes we call Tyler Little Jamie after his Uncle James or Little Tut after is great great uncle John (or tut to his family). James will do anything for Tyler and when they go stuck on the log his only concern was capsizing and dunking Tyler in the river. Didn't care what happened to Tyler's mom or dad.