Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Doula Client

Right now I am in the waiting room at Bassett Hospital. Not where I expected to spend time with my first birth but things didn't go the way they were planned. Holly, who desired a VBAC with all her heart, was at 41 weeks and the baby was showing signs that she needed to be born. Holly and her husband are in the OR right now and the baby should be arriving at any time. Having had four sections myself I hope that I can offer her the encouragement and support she so desperately needs.

Here we all are: proud mom Holly and doulas Diane and Christine.
Riley Sophia Rose was born September 30, 2010 weighing a petite 6# 1 oz. and is absolutely gorgeous.
She was born at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, a wonder place to have a baby. They are developing a new birthing center that I hear is just want Mom's to be need. Large suites, spa like tubs. Well worth the trip from the Utica area.

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