Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It has taken me a week to post about our farewell to Tyler. He and his family moved back to Louisville KY last Wednesday. Yes, we are all very very sad. I miss so much of his sillyness. One day we looked down the hallway to see he and his greatgrandmother playing horsey. She had an old hobby horse between her legs "galloping" down the hall with Tyler laughing and following right behind. He was getting into trains and we would spend hours on my bedroom floor playing with his Uncle's Brio train set. He especially liked the bridges and could make a wicked good train whistle imitation. Needless to say, Thomas has become his favorite bedtime ritual.
I know God knew they were leaving even if we refused to believe it. We were able to book two weeks at Nicks Lake late in the season so we could spend some great moments with Tyler and his family. It was so worth the time I took off from work even if it meant that I didn't get caught up until 4 weeks later.

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