Tuesday, March 9, 2010

From six months to 16 months

I originally intended to write daily about the new things Tyler does. That did not happen - work, house chores, knitting, playing with Tyler.... life in general. As I sit here typing, Tyler is in the bedroom with his mom winding down from his busy day.. we hope.

Spring is coming. I can smell it in the air and feel it in my spirit. I am listening for the red wing blackbirds to make their announcement as they prepare their "house" for the missus. I know most people find excitement with the first robin but to me it is my blackbird friends.

Tonight Tyler discovered his shadow on the bedroom wall.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walking is Fun

Well, we chose the walk. It was so nice out that I could spend a moment of it inside. After putting some air in the stroller tires Tyler and I struck out down the sidewalk. I had to keep checking on him because he neither stirred not spoke a word. Pointed out the crows, chickadees, a hawk and great great great grandfather Benson's (James Henry's) house. We took a turn at the traffic light and continue along until we made it to the Rayburn Trail. Now is where the real fun begins because by now Tyler man thinks it would be nice to walk. After all, it is a wide "sidewalk" with no danger of cars, just a lot of people and dogs. This worked well until he decided that walking on the snow might be more fun. To him it was, to me it wasn't. After two or three meltdowns and finally giving him the phone to talk to Da, he got back in the stroller. finally....... and we finished our 4.5 mile walk in time for a nice long nap - for both of us.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Date

My weekend is all set. At least according to Tyler. I hope the weather cooperates. Not sure what we will do but it certainly won't include laundry or cleaning. The mall, a hike, letterboxing, maybe the zoo....who knows.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Inspiration

This was the inspiration behind starting to learn to make a surprise jacket. Now Kati wants one.

Baby Surprise Jacket

After too many washcloths, scrubbies, hats and more hats, I was up to a challenge. I came across a most beautiful sweater in a variegated yarn that I fell in love with BUT the only way to get the pattern was to buy it. Now, since the wonder of the internet I haven't bought a pattern in years but I just had to have this one. This is a pattern developed by Elizabeth Zimmerman and could be found in several of her books. So, that must mean a trip to the library, however, our library doesn't have any of her books. Hmmmmm. Fortunately, my favorite online yarn store had it for sale at 40% off so......I bought it!!! Along with several skeins of yarn.
Not knowing what to expect I kept it simple. My first project was this heathered garnet one. I used aDK weight (washable merino) and #4 needles. Not to bad, but the color doesn't show off the beautiful mitered front. Stay tuned for sweater # two.

This was one of my favorite sweaters - it was for a baby - average size not a 12 pounder.  I was excited to present it to one of my doula clients who had a sweet 6 pound baby boy.  June 23, 2011 post. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Knitting Memories part 2

Knitting is a haven, a safe place
where one can touch history,
dance with art,
and create a peaceful life.
---Nancy Bush, author of "Folk Socks"

Knitting came and went. I remember losing needles in the car - still have that problem - hence circular needles have become my norm. By my senior year of high school (1969), knitting and crocheting were gaining in popularity. We were blessed with a "senior lounge" and many of us would use the time to knit. Scarfs and Vests were the usual fare. I never took my knitting into class rooms - until college. Dropping that metal needle in the classroom proved to be a bit embarrassing but it didn't stop me. I quickly became a collector of knitting magazines. I especially liked one called Mon Tricot.