The Gypsy Travelers - Letterboxing

I love Letterboxing.  Period.  I would love to introduce you to Letterboxing.  It is great for children as well as adults.

I first started boxing back at the turn of the century.  For me it is a great outlet.  I can be creative and carve stamps, make log books, write poems and riddles, go on an adventure, hike mountains, visit hidden waterfalls and caves and just enjoy being out doors.

I first started boxing by belonging to the web site but have found to be more useful.  I have yet to become a paying member but I am saving my pennies.

I hope you will give boxing a try.  You just might like it.

On this page you will find information relating to clues and photos about the letterboxes I have planted.

Because I have always loved walking through cemetery - even back when I was in the single digit years - I find planting letterboxes in them especially nice.  They have a name for people like us - Taphophiles. (we even have a web site).  I also like history especially about my family in terms of genealogy. Many of the boxes I plant have a theme.  And graveyards in no exception.  I started by picking cemeteries where my ancestors were buried but then branched.  I even found a gggrandfather's gravestone by accident.

My series started out in Northville, NY.
GY #1 Foundery at Prospect - Northville
GY #2 Lakewood Cemetery - Cooperstown
GY #3 Flowers in Remembrance - Rome
GY #4 Under the Oaks - Lee Center
GY #5 Family Leaf from a Family Tree - Verona Mills
GY #6 Long Lost Grandfather - Ilion
GY #7 Stanwix Cemetery - Stanwix
GY #8 Always Remember - Rome
GY #9 A Flower to Remember - Rome

Boxing in Pennsylvania

ALWAYS REMEMBER - location Rome, NY
Read the clues very carefully.  


Clump of trees

Four Stately Trees  and  Mother Mary                                

 White Pine.

Hope this offers some help if you are having trouble finding this box.

I just found out that there is a Louisville in New York State.  Now how could I not have known.  So now I have to carve a series for my Louisville series.   I know I'll get three done this year but I think that will be about it.


    1. Louisville Colorado.
    2. Louisville Georgia.
    3. Louisville Kansas.
    4. Louisville Kentucky.
    5. Louisville Mississippi.
    6. Louisville Nebraska.
    7. Louisville Ohio - near Akron
    8. Louisville Tennessee - about 4 hours from Louisville KY


    1. Louisville Alabama.
    2. Louisville New York - near Masenna


    1. Louisville Illinois - about 3 hours from Louisville KY

I also want to continue my Utica, NY series
There are Utica's everywhere. 
New York