Saturday, October 22, 2011

My grandson Tyler has quite the imagination. 
He was introduced to our chickHENS (as he calls them) when he visited this summer.
This blog entry is for him. A time line of our chickies.

 Just wee little chicks.

The ugly teen age years

First home - the greenhouse

Finally, the coop was ready and they were glad to have a place to run around in. 

This is how they look today. I really wanted buff orphingtons 
but this was what they had at 
TSC and the price was one we couldn't pass up.

and following is the story he told his mama today.

woke up to tyler very concerned about the eggs in the fridge... apparently they where hatching baby of course i had to go check and he took every egg out cause he really thought they had hatched...and then he said one chicken ran away and we had to look all over for it...then he wanted to hold an egg cause grammie holds eggs in her hands...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday evenings

What a nice way to end the week.

Listening to PBS with a program about WLS.  Started in 1924 - my farm raised mom was 4 at the time.  Since they didn't have electricity in the house until after 1926 I know she didn't listen to those first few years of broadcasting but after going through her belongings I know she spent her teen and young adult years listening to Bradley Kincaid and the National Barn Dance,  the beginning of American fold music. And yes, my ma yodeled and played a small folk acordion.

The national barn dance was finally canceled in 1960 
when radio embraced the new era of Rock and Roll. 

Prairie Farm WLS
Hay Loft Gang

This is the radio my brought to her new home in 1946 when she married my dad.  It held a very special place in the kitchen where my dad build a shelf in the corner so my mom could listen to her radio programs while doing her kitchen chores.  In later years I remember that radio taking up a place on her night stand. When sick as a child I would listen to WIBX and WRUN while recuperating in her bed. 

1892 - 1900 Canadian General Electric Company Limited becomes incorporated in
 Canada through a merger of Edison Light Electric Company and Thomson-Houston 
Electric Light Company of Canada. This radio was a model made from 1946-1947.

To this day, my family loves to listen to the Blue Grass Ramble every Sunday night.
I still have this radio and hope to one day get it working but for now it is in MY bedroom
on a book shelf that houses my stacks of journals and photo albums. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

my little office corner

After working at the clinic for five years, I finally have my own little corner where I can sit down to work. Of course I had to fill it with my ever growing collection of orchids. They really brighten up the place.  In fact, after clinic in Rome today I stopped by Aldi's for a new one.  
Beautiful shade of mauve blush.

Shhh. don't tell the boss but during lunch break Wednesday I took a walk along the 
Black River feeder canal walk way.  Yes, it was a very enjoyable time. 
 Amazing how a quick walk can refresh me and get my back to work.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Visitors from Haiti

Today, we are being blessed by the missionaries we help in Haiti - Yvonne and Joel Trimble.  
They have ministered in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere for 35 years (since 1975) 
and I am privileged to say I have known them for almost 30 of those years.
 You can read all about them on Haiti for

Since the earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010 they have seen more souls saved for Christ
 than in their entire 3 decades there. Since then, they have purchased television equipment 
so they can produce programs directly targeting the people in Haiti in their own language.  
This ministry has grown tremendously and is blanketing the nation of Haiti with the 
Word of God.  Just recently the Trimbles and La Bonne Nouvelle were featured on CBN. 

It is truly a beautiful nation despite it's poverty and corruption through politics and voodoo.

It has been such a short time since that earthquake hit and we so quickly forget the devastation that it caused but the Timbles are seeing God move in mighty ways despite that tragedy.   
Celebrate Life a memorial service took place in front of the palace to share the 
Good News about Jesus.

This video clip is in Creole but the footage speaks for it self as Haiti through out the country 
came to worship and give God the glory one year after the earthquake struck.