Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sick Days

For years I have been able to avert the common cold through the use of echinacea and other natural means, but this year - it got me but good.  It all started with a sore throat on our way to get Tyler in Ohio the day before Thanksgiving and I knew --- I just knew where this was going.  I had nothing to treat myself with except benadryl which did help the itching face, sneezing and running nose.  I did my usual dosing once I got home and have loaded up on lemon and honey tea, gypsy cold care tea and others but alas - I am doomed to a week of coughing.  I HATE COUGHING.  I will take a fever, runny nose, stuffed up head even diarrhea but not coughing.  Anyway after going to work for two days with laryngitis and coughing I cried Uncle and gave in and took the day off. Since I have progressed to the dry hacking cough stage along with occasional fits of mucousy coughing jags I thought - Public Health Department wouldn't be the best place to be showing off my finesse at coughing and trying NOT to throw up.  My little guy was blessed with the same crud.  I must say, though, he has a cute little squeaky voice.

He always starts out sleeping with his hand like this.  When he is really tired he just drops. 

 Playing Forrest Gump
After Forrest was healed
Afternoon snack of Apples

Today we are doing trains and play dough.  Fun times.
It seems I just have to be organized with his play time.  We have his train set up between the sliding door windows and the dinning room table  - this way he won't be in the way and he can leave it set up.
The computer turned Keurig coffee making  table has made way for his play dough equipment, doll house furniture and other busy stuff all secured in ziploc baggies.  I think I miss my homeschooling days.  Darn, wish I didn't have to earn money for a living.

Practicing for "accidents can happen"

This train sets has gone through many many years of children playing
with it and it still brings hours of creative play time. 

Ivy and John

On November 15, our oldest John married his long time friend, Yung-Yi Lien.  
We call her Ivy as do her friends but to Tyler she is Aunt Ivy. 

Aunt Ivy comes to visit with Gummy Worms in her pocket just for Tyler 
and then the two of them go to the chicken barn to collect the eggs together.  

I guess we love the month of November - we are full of birthdays and anniversaries. 
Douglas - Nov 1
Tyler - Nov 8
John and Ivy - Nov 15
my dad "Red" - Nov 16
Gramma Freida 
Grampa Bond - 

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's lights

 This is the moment the light lite up and so did his face. 

He and his Uncle decorated the entire tree.
Today he remembered that we said he could finish with the breakable balls.  
He was very careful but there were some he didn't like 
and he would stash them behind the tree.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nubbie Washie

Chain 30 loosely. (You may want to use a size H hook just for the chain)

Row 1: Tr in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next ch.*Tr in next ch, Sc* repeat to end of row, ending with a Sc. Ch 1. turn.

Row 2: Sc 28 times to the end of the row. Be sure to Sc in the top of the ch1 space.Ch 1. turn.

Repeat rows 1 and 2, 12 more times.

(note: The cloth may not look square, but will shrink to a square after washing it if using 100% cotton yarn.  You may wish to adjust the repeats depending on your own tension, and or yarn choices.)

Edging: At the end of the last "row2", ch1 but do not turn. Sc in same hole and turn work 90 degrees. *Sc 27 times evenly spaced along the left side to the corner. Ch1, Sc in same hole and turn work 90 degrees.* Repeat across bottom and right sides of the cloth.
Slip stitch to the top of Sc, and tie off.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ivy and Tyler

For days Tyler has been talking about Abby - today I finally realized he was saying "Ivy".
Today during Ivy's break from work she came up here so the two of them could go down to the Chickhen Barn and collect eggs.

Today Ivy was the only one who Tyler would blow his nose for.

Today I found out how much Tyler loves Ivy.
And Today I found out Ivy loves Tyler too.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello Syracuse

Today I took off from work and went with Tyler to the zoo.  We got there just as they were opening the doors so we were able to wander through the first part without fighting the crowds. 

 This spot always seems to be a favorite of Tyler.  The green tube is used 
for training certain primates to allow medicine to be given by injection. 

 He was so intrigued by this that we are thinking of utilizing 
something to get him to take his medicine. 

I say that because he has come down with the same cold we have all had this week. 
And a little benadryl does wonders for runny itchy noses. 

 Some days Tyler just doesn't want to have his picture 
taken and today was one of them.

We tried to get him to have a picture taken with the elephant thinking - what a nice Christmas card photo.  No way.  He wanted to just run around and around the elephant asking us (or rather telling us) to say STOP, TURN AROUND, BACK UP. What a character. 

My favorite. And we finished up just in time because at noon - it rained. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cold months get me stocking up for spring and summer sales.  

 Soap Sacks - per customer requests.

Soft organic cotton facial scrubbies,  So people use them for make up removers. 
 I like them for quick clean ups with Tyler. 

 soap sack holder for small scrubbies

crochet - dishcloth, pot holder and two small scrubbies

 soap sack, thick scrubbie, washcloth

 Spiral tawashi made of organic cotton - soft and strong. 
I really like this for washing little ones faces because of the size and thickness.  
It fits nicely in the palm on my hand and I don't have drips falling on my
 grandson's shirt or anywhere else. 

 Tawashi for scrubbing - where for pots and pans or as an add in 
exfoliating this nylon tawashi is strong and gets the job done.