Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's sheeps amongst us.

Dedicated to all the dogs I have known and loved. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Godly, Moral, Upright Movies

I was challenged Sunday when a lady in our church recited Phillipians 4:8. ....whatsoever things are lovely......  I am a movie addict and I use my knitting addiction to justify watching them.  I am not ashamed to spend $8.00 a month on netflix for my computer either.  So I am always looking for good movies -- Godly, Moral, Upright, Spiritually Uplifting Movies.

Christian Cinema is a nice website that list movies, talks about the actors that star in them and yea, a whole lot more

Faith like Potatoes

The Woodcarver Troubled teen Matthew meets an elderly widower named Ernest whose woodcarving work he vandalized at the local church. The two soon form an unlikely bond as they rediscover the importance of faith.  starring John Ratzenberger
Escape While grieving the tragic loss of his baby's life, a doctor vacationing in the islands of Southeast Asia is kidnapped by human traffickers. 
Running Inside Out This Christian drama tells a story of forgiveness and redemption, following a young woman's journey from college to career as she encounters love, success and unexpected crisis: an unplanned pregnancy. Good values are present but the issue of sex out side of marriage aren't addressed.  The acting is mediocre but the message of forgiveness and God's grace come through. 
The 5th Quarter In the wake of a car crash that killed his 15-year-old brother, Luke, football player Jon Abbate returns to Wake Forest University with renewed purpose and leads his struggling team to its most successful season ever. Well done, good acting, believable.
I am not a football fan but this movie gave me chills - a true story of faith and dedication that makes no excuse for the God they serve.  A must watch..
Lifted 13 years old Henry Matthews struggles with life after his reservist father is deployed to Afghanistan. With the help of a local pastor, the boy decides to take part in a local singing contest.
The Greater Yes: the Amy Newhouse StoryAfter accomplishing many hard-won goals, high school student Amy Newhouse must now fight the biggest battle of her life -- cancer.  A true story about a young women and her amazing faith. 
Bang the Drum - an indie film with stunning cinematography of South Africa. When a mysterious illness wipes out his entire village, claiming the lives of both his parents, 9-year-old Musa (Junior Singo) is forced to set off on his own, eventually joining the ranks of the scores of orphans who live on the streets of Johannesburg. Directed by David Hickson, this poignant award-winning film examines the heartbreaking effect that AIDS has had on the poor and underprivileged children of Africa.
ANGLES in the DUST - 
King of the Wind --- I have always been a fan of Marguerite Henry's books. this story is just another one in her brilliant career.  Agba, a poor stable boy, whose undying devotion to a magnificent colt named Sham takes him on a journey from the arid deserts of Northern Africa to the court of the King of France and on to England where a remarkable turn of events unfolds.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Latest Project

Well, sort of.  Most of my soakers are knit in solid colors but when I found this nice variegated yarn at the shop I couldn't resist buying it.  I made a nice dark brown with flecks of orange, yellow and red that is really nice for fall.  I also picked up a variegated that would be nice for a boy. 

The top of this soaker measures 14" and would be nice for an older baby .  For more soakers for sale check out my store at