Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letterboxing Addictions

Many years ago I came across the concept of Letterboxing. Since I LOVE walking and the outdoors, I thought this would be a good hobby to get me out and moving. I can't quite explain why reading clues and looking for a "box" captures my interest and passion but all I know is I can't go any place new with out thinking of how to work in a box hunt or two.
When I first introduced this to my family via it was meet with a "here we go again, one of mom's crazy ideas". That was over five years ago. Surprisingly, my most avid boxer is James, Doug prefers to drive me to the location but will venture out into the "field" on occasion. Yesterday was one of those days. My job took me to Syracuse so we stopped by a North Syracuse school that has this magnificent forest near the sports fields. Nothing quite like a stroll through newly fallen leaves.
Besides the hunt, making books and carving stamps are a relaxing way to spend a winter evening when the snow keeps me inside. Lately, I have taken to planting in cemeteries (I LOVE CEMETERIES) and making my clues in riddles or poems.

The quest for more took me to, my favorite site by far. I can track my finds - 318, my plants -49, hitchhikers, fleas and more. Letterboxing is so terrific - it's as cheap as you want to make it. A book to record your finds, your own stamp and a stamp pad.
When Tyler was 8 months old he planted his first book at Moss Lake near Inlet, NY

Each year we have planted a box in honor of Tyler's vacation with the GRANDS. Last year we visited the Cathedral Pines at Seventh Lake and this year we planted one just before we embarked on Tyler's first canoe trip down the Moose River.
If you are looking for a great family hobby, fun for all ages, check out letterboxing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Once Again

We sang the chorus "We need you, yes we need you, every step of the way."
And isn't that true. If I didn't have Jesus with me every step, every second of every day I would be overwhelmed by the "stuff" that happens to me on a daily basis whether it be of my own doing, my own thoughts or just the stress of being in this world.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning

I love my Sunday mornings - a time to worship with my GOD and hear what he has to say to me.

1. Formational - it shapes us.
Eph. 5:19 our worship needs to be Biblically correct in it words. In order for us to worship in public we must first worship in private.

2. Transformational - it changes us.
1 Cor. 14:3 prophecy is to speak forth the word of GOD to bring edification, exhortation and comfort.

3. Relational - it connects us.
1 John 1:3 how does what we do everyday portray Jesus is me.

4. Missional - it witnesses
Amos 2:4
James 1:27

5. Reproducible - it disciples
2 Timothy 2:3 GOD gave us gifts so we can share them with others. We get blessings so we can bless others.

Jesus died to make us worshippers. True worshippers are worshipping in spirit and in truth and true worship draws people.AMEN

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Long Way Home

Left Lancaster early after a nice hotel breakfast for everyone except Rene who was holding out for her favorite. (more on that later) Just before entering the Lehigh Tunnel we heard a not so quiet noise. After blaming the driver, James, for hitting something BIG in the road we laughed and proceeded to drive through the tunnel. But then the trouble began. Over to the side of the road we go and lo and behold -- yup. FLAT TIRE.

Amanda and Rene - waiting for the tow truck.
Rene - showing off her breakfast. What you can't tell what her favorite meal is?

That's right --- Chik-Fil-A. That is all we heard all week was, can't wait for my chicken breakfast. She even brought home some for the family.
And here is the Pastor. We finally made it to the second tire place cause the first one didn't have the right tire. Three and a half hours later we were on the road heading north again and hoping for no more delays. Pastor has a wedding rehearsal in Utica that night at 6pm.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodbye Lancaster

It is just past midnight and everyone is asleep but me. I'll do that in the car as we travel back to New York. This week I have been challenged, encouraged, blessed, humbled and renewed. We heard over and over, we are nothing without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. And yes, I've known that for decades BUT it helps to hear it again because we get in ruts. We skip a day of bible reading, a few days of prayer, maybe a rehearsal or two, then a Sunday morning service and think hey, I can play piano, I know the songs, I'll do ok... but that's not how it is. Having the talent to do something doesn't mean anything if you have forgotten the reason you are doing this. This worship thing, Sunday mornings, drums, guitars, overhead projector. Sure we can get up on that "platform" and perform. We can probably hit all the right notes, come in on cue, start and stop on time BUT if God's not in it, if we haven't ask the Holy Spirit to fill us up with his anointing once again, then it is all for naught. And as worship leaders, it is our responsibility to bring that anointing to the people.

Paul Baloche, Lenny LeBlanc, Christy Nockles, Ken Reynolds and so many more lead us in worship during morning opening session and night closings. To stand and bask in the glory of God, to laugh and cry and sing in his presence was glorious. Coming from a small congregation I am always awed by the sound and worship of 1000 voices lifted up acapella in a closing hymn.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Church and Worship

Coming from a small church of 50 people on "Main Street" Canastota, I am blown away by the enormity of LCBC, the church hosting the conference. My gosh, you need a map to negotiate to the various sessions. AND you can get all your creature comforts met here. Starbucks and all those "nasty" goodies, the Java Hut has coffee for .50 and donut holes, 3 for .25. Three floors got me completely lost while looking for room 125 B which was directly behind room 125 A. Who'd of guessed.
The worship services are AWESOME. To be in God's presence - what can I say - nothing can compare to it. Last night we were blessed with the music of Jeremy Camp.
This morning I was blessed to attend a session about church charts - had no idea what that might be about but I always find something to glean from everything. So my mission now is to bring back an easier way to read music for our diversified worship team.