Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blackberries and Cobblers

Blackberry season came and went and I wasn't here to welcome the bounty but my mil was able to pick a late bowl full just screaming to be made into cobbler.  So, that is on the agenda for tonights dinner.  Don't know what dinner will be but at least we have dessert covered.  My fil's favorite was cobbler - cobbler anything.  I am sure he would appreciate tonight's delight and the fact that the blackberry are so abundant in the composting acre.

The worse part about picking our blackberries is that they have THORNS - but oh so worth it. 
I found a very good recipe on the web from a Betty Crocker event. 
Seems I never turn to my huge stash of cookbooks anymore. 

Now all it needs is some real whipped cream, a bowl and a spoon. mmmmm.

Fun with Ty Be Bo and Jeter

After a long day in Syracuse battling rain storms off and on, we made it home 
and decided not to waste all those lovely rain puddles. 

 Jeter decided to join us but I think he wished otherwise later. 

I knew when I brought that coffee container home from work I'd find some good  use for it and we did. 
Tyler would fill up a gummy package and pour the water into the coffee container. 

 At this point, Jeter is still safe. 

Filling up.

Just before the big event.
Tyler figured that Jeter was hot too so he needed some cooling off 
Coffee Can is now empty.  

Our little ingenious Tyler. 

We left the cat and wandered out to the water falls which really was a lot more fun - 
until Tyler found a Ghost Ant behind one of the rocks.  It was quite a scary time for us all but we eventually were able to get rid of the GA and continue our play in the water. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tyler is Here --- yeah......

for more about the antics of Ty Be Bo go to his pages

visiting Delta Lake Fish Hatchery in Rome
GramBy, Unc and TyBeBo

Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Bye for Fiona

Today my friend Kathy had to say good by to her faithful kitty, Fiona.  Some people just don't understand the bond that we animal lovers establish with our pets.  They are faithful to the end.  They love you unconditionally.  They can de-stress you like no one else can.  

 It took a while for Fiona to warm up to me. 
 She would always excuse herself to the upstairs bedroom when ever I can to visit. 

This was her favorite resting place - in front of the wood stove.  
Even Molly new she deserved the Upper Deck Seating area. 

July 11, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

can we say BUSY

I can't believe what a busy week we have had.  
James convinced us to go to Old Forge for the fireworks Monday night. 
 It is one of those comforting things we do.  
We would go camping that weekend at Nicks and 
then drive down to the pond to stake out our sites early. 

Back when the LION KING was across the street we would order chinese.  Some years we would even visit the STRAND theater for a late afternoon show.  If you've never visited the theater in Old Forge you are missing a very unique opportunity.  They have a HUGE display of old cameras and film projectors.
This year GOD gave us a perfect parking spot so James wouldn't have to walk the 1/2 mile we usually do to get back to our car.  After settling him in Douglas and I walked down to the Lion King at the other side of town, ordered our dinner and then walked back along the TOBIE trail.  It was so good to be out walking again and smelling the forest and listening to the birds.  I love the mountains.

The Old Forge pond light house.  I actually sketched it back in the early 70's on late fall afternoon. 

The Community Band from Floyd is always a treat.  It is so good to hear all those old marches and patriotic songs I used to play in band or when I played with the Clark Mills Community Band. They entertained us until dark ending with the traditional pre fireworks "Quaker Oats" song. 
aka as 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

My first attempt at taking night photos. 

This years works were above fabulous.  We even came home with a souvenir in our drinks back.  A "shot" from the fall out - just a bit smaller than a marble and smelling of sulphur.  We put it in our treasure jar.  Yes, the fireworks were a bit close this year.  

Tuesday I had evening clinic in Utica.
Wednesday we had our first music rehearsal in our new summer building.
Thursday and Friday I spent the evening preparing for Saturday's chid birth ed. class. 
Sunday is church and the week starts all over again. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tyler and his hammock

Of course, this isn't Tyler or the hammock I am going to make but ---I needed a place holder. So check back often for the finally unveiling.  Since the little man is expected in two weeks I better get looking for some rope and material.  Since he loves to snuggle in blankets and hide I am sure he will love this.