Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Perfect Weekend - for me anyways

I so look forward to weekends, the time I can do what ever I desire.  So, after cleaning my room, a carry over from my growing up years, doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom, I sit down with my yarn and computer and watch the world go by.  My current projects - two are waiting for buttons and one is in the process.  Next to hemming I dislike sewing on buttons but I "force" my self.  Can't sell cardigans without the buttons.  

Found some great Catherine Cookson movies on netflix that have kept me well stock for my knitting sessions.  I have come to enjoy British shows a lot this winter and spring.  Cookson wrote during the turn of the century and about the class divisions that existed there.  

Couldn't resist --- this is how THEY spend the weekends.  Fixing - cars, trucks, tractors, tillers,  
you name it.  "My son the engineer"or no. 1 son likes the challenge of putting our vehicles back in working order.  I think it is a good stress reliever after working on computer programs all day.  
Don't know what I would do with out his help. Don't know what "my son the fish doctor" or no. 2 son would do with out his help either.  This spring, when they weren't fixing things that use gas they have been cleaning the greenhouses getting ready for May sales.   It is really a nice thing to see as a mom, two of your children working together as adults. And what is even more heart warming is to see all of them together and not fighting.  "My son the bum" ( and I mean that with all love) or no. 3 son 
will join the fray every once in a while and lend a hand. 

I refer to no 3 son as "my son the bum" but not in the way most people would think.  Josh holds a job that he LOVES -- and has THE best customer service.  He engages his customers in a short conversation and shows interest in who they are and not just a paying customer.  The bum part is because he has the ability to live just about any place, any way, any style.  He prefers a bike to a car for transportation, he lives a minimalist lifestyle, and he willingly leans a hand when we need him.  

I often wonder what no 4 son would have been like but then, God blessed me with a daughter 
who in turn blessed me with a grandson. And so the boys start all over again. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Train is Coming

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus is on its way to Kentucky.  Louisville to be exact AND it will be going right by Tyler's house -- You can actually look out the living room window and watch the train's go by.  What is really really cool is that is also
 goes right down the main street of La Grange.  
It is on its way to its next performance. 

I am happy that Tyler will get to see this --- He LOVES trains as most little kids do. 
I am sad because I was supposed to be visiting there for the holidays 
but alas,  I am still here in NY and I will not be seeing it. 

 I know if Tyler's Unc had his way they would be right there watching
 the elephants unload and make their way into the "big top"

More elephants -- we can't get enough. 
Unc has a collection of about 100 - all sizes - of elephants. 
It's a hobby he acquire after his trip to India.
 I guess those giants made quite an impression on him . 

There's something about the circus that's nostalgic and child like, that makes me remember all the ones I went to as a kid growing up in Utica.  Listening to the "live" band (my clarinet teacher played tuba) at the Armory on Culver Ave.  I think it is something every child must experience at least once.