Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Vacation in Old Forge

The Adirondacks hold an unique love in my heart. Having had the privilege of spending my summers growing up in the town of Ohio on a small bog lake, I learned a love and an appreciation for the mountains and nature I would not have had otherwise. So whenever I can I try to get away to the Old Forge area. I always said I would introduce my grandchildren to this magnificent place and we did just that during August. With camper in tow, topped by our canoes, we headed north two weeks ago despite the rainy weather. Hey, it had to stop sometime. We all had a wonderful and relaxing time. Uncle James (UNC to Tyler) came up on Monday and we ventured down the "mighty" Moose River. The Moose was exceptional high for this time of year thanks to that rain we had so we only grounded out once and even navigated a .5 cat rapid. We put in at the North Street Bridge about 10 am and made it back to the cars 4 hours later.

After only a few mishaps - namely finding out that matchbox cars DO NOT float and paddling over a submerged log IS NOT a very good idea if you don't know if you can clear it or not - we arrived at the Green Street Bridge ready for a nap.

Just waking up for a snooze in the canoe. Lunch break on a small sandy beach.

Sometimes we call Tyler Little Jamie after his Uncle James or Little Tut after is great great uncle John (or tut to his family). James will do anything for Tyler and when they go stuck on the log his only concern was capsizing and dunking Tyler in the river. Didn't care what happened to Tyler's mom or dad.

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