Monday, September 6, 2010

Letterboxing with Tyler

One day took us north to Raquette Lake - just had to have one of those famous cookies. Here's Tyler, just waking up and wondering what to do with this way to big peanut butter cookie. While he was deciding whether to munch down we drove back to route 28 to do some maintenance on our letterboxes. That took us to Cathedral Pines to check out Tyler's second box plant.

At Cathedral Pines is a monument with the following inscription:

This tree created by God
And old when our country was born
Fine and clean and straight-grained
Like the boy himself
Is dedicated in memory of 2nd Lt. Malcolm L. Blue
navigator of a liberator bomber with the Eighth Air Force.
Killed in action over France June 2, 1944
Few Men Have Earned So Fine A Memorial.

These trees are magnificent. Everyone should take the time to go visit this treemendous place. Here's Tyler learning to be a tree hugger and you can see just how huge they are.

I introduced Tyler to letterboxing last year. We planted one at Moss Lake, one at Cathedral Pines and this year we put one at the North Street Bridge before leaving on our Moose River adventure.

Yes, there are lots of roots and things to watch out for in the forest. Tyler learned to stay on the path but he hasn't learned to look down from time to time. Caught in the stumble.

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