Sunday, February 23, 2014

Out and About - Steuben Park

Utica was once known for its beautiful parks.  Many have fallen into disrepair
 but the city people are trying to bring them back to what they once were. 

When ever I see a photo of a building or area, I try to figure out direction, 
what is there now, did my grandparents or parents walk there?

The above photos were from the mid 1800's, the year my 
Heinrich ancestors arrived here from Germany.
taken - autumn
angle - I think is looking north towards Park Ave. and Charlotte St.

But then something happened.  
The elm trees grew, so other young trees were added  
AND the fountain was transformed.  
Still looking the same direction which makes me think we are looking north. 

Over the years, some interesting buildings were part of the park landscape. 
Constructed 1893 - 1894  and vacated in the 1950's was
Utica Steuben Street (Steuben Park) Armory

I think the photographers was standing on the top of 
Charlotte Street and I think those elms on the left are still
there or at least one is and have a "face" on the side. 

Looking east down rutger street

Old Postcard


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